K-ON! – Episode 7

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Well, if you thought that K-ON couldn’t get any more moe, then your wrong. KyoAni has just given as another ultra sugery episode. It’s all about the relationship between Yui and Ui. We start off with a scene from their childhood. Yui and Ui are setting up the christmas tree and Yui seems to be worried that santa isn’t going to visit her because she wasn’t good that year. Ui wishes for a white christmas, which Yui grants by ripping the fluff out of the pillows and placing them on a tree outside. She ended up getting in trouble for this.

Flash forward to the present time and Yui and Ui are both walking to school. Ui is cold because she lost her scarf, which Yui helps out by putting her scarf around Ui’s neck as well as her own. Then Yui reveals her hand is cold, having lost one of her mittens. Ui holds her sisters hand to help out with this. At school, Ricchan seems to have organised an event at Mugi’s house, without her permission. You’d think she’d be mad but no… she’s extremely sorry. Yui’s house is open though, so that’s where it will be. They even invited Nodoka to the party.

Yui and Nodoka go shopping for the gift exchange, and Nodoka tells her to stop picking things that she only likes. So she picks up something she doesn’t like (Kinda looks like Mr. Saturn..) Mio and Ritsu are also shopping it seems. They all try the lottery and fail, but Mugi appears and has one. But turns down a trip to hawaii for a board game so she can use it in the gift exchange (lucky rish kid ey?)

Yui tells Ui about the pary and asks Ui to help her. Ui, knowing her sisters clumsiness, sends her off to do the decorating while she’s busy with the cooking.  Ui begins to set out snacks, andYui attempts to grab some. Unfortunately, Ui is a lot sharper than Yui gives credit for. Everyone arrives and the party begins. sometime along the parties timeline, sensei seems to have randomly appeared out of nowhere. Yui tells her that they didn’t invite her, thinking that she had plans with her boyfriend. This seems to affect her greatly, that staement that is. Switch to some scenes of exciting times, where sensei makes the party ridiculously funny. In the end, Yui and Ui’s gifts for the gift exchange were meant for each other, and ended up with each other. A scarf and mittens. How nice…

The episode ends with Yui and Ui sleeping together. Then a scene of them at the shrine, praying for their clubs success.

k-on 7 PV


Well, I never thought I’d say this but, this episode was waaaaaaay to cute. I mean, it gets awkward watching some of that stuff, and I seemed to cringe everytime something overly cute happens (for example, Yui’s air guitar…). Well, this anime still holds it’s extremely high place as my top anime for the moment. This episode wasn’t bad by any measure, but the moe and cuteness was a little bit of an overkill. They went out of their way too many times to do the moe stuff. See Ui as a main part of the episode was good again. But there was not much Mio!

In anycase, I hope we get to see a maid Mio in the next ep, since all the other members were in the outfit in the preview. Seeing how fast this anime is going now, I think we might get to see Azu-nyan sooner than I had anticipated. Cannot wait!

K-ON! – Episode 6

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The school festival curtains open to reveal the Keionbu! For their first live. But that will have to wait since we’re going back to before that after the OP sequence. Looks like Mio is really eager to practice but everyone else is busy. He goes to Yui’s class to see Yui helping out with the Yakisoba stall. It’s good they maintained Yui’s wrecked voice. Is kinda funny to hear. Anyways, she goes on and finds Ritsu at the front of the haunted house, who says that Mugi is apparently inside the haunted house. The other members get let off eventually thanks to the help of Nodoka who is apart of the student council. The three others find Mio practicing extremely hard. The three then eventually talk to Ritsu about how Mio became so shy. Turns out that it was Ritsu’s fault for pestering her throughout her childhood. Well Yui seems excited about the performance and it eventual becomes curtain call. After some encouraging words they sing the song. After the song, Mio ends out tripping and showing her panties in the process. The club is happy with their performance at the end of the episode, and Mio seems to have gained a fan club. Mio however isn’t doing too well.

k-on 6IN1

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IN: Fuwa Fuwa Time (Sakurakou Keionbu)

This song was a lot better than I had expected, and it also turned out extremely good. I didn’t think that Mio’s voice would suit the voice of the song to be honest, but it did, and I really liked the way her voice was used in this voice. I was also not expecting a video clip style thing, I thought it would just have the band playing and the audience being amazed or something. I’m definitely looking forward to the full version.

k-on 6 PV

Next episode looks interesting. I thought that they were going to skip the Christmas and New Years episode. Anyways, this episode was a lot better than I expected it to be. It didn’t have much story besides Mio being nervous for the live, but it was a good episode. We also got to see Mio and Ritsu as little kids, which made the whole thing worthwhile. In any case, the show just keeps getting better. I really hope we see a lot more insert songs before the end of the 13 episodes that this series will last for. This I a music anime and it would be a shame to only get like 2 more. I’m also wondering how far the series will go, hopefully it will go through to their 2nd year in high school. If not, I’m sure a second season will be lurking.

Pandora Hearts – Episode 5

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Oz and Alice decided to work for Break and the others after a long talk. Raven accompanies them to the town where their assignment is to hunt down a rouge illegal contractor. In town Alice is fascinated by the thing in town that she has never seen before. She gets separated from them and then Raven goes to look for her. While separated, Oz ends up helping a girl selling flowers.  Raven, Alice and Oz end up eating and then getting a room at some hotel. Raven mentions that there is an insignia on the chest of illegal contractors in the shape of a clock. and when the clocks hand does one revolution, the person gets trapped in abyss forever. Once Alice has fallen asleep (too cute!!) Raven goes and looks around for the chain. Turns out the flower girl from before was the culprit, and that the chain she has a contract with is after Alice. One awesome fight scene later, the girl reveals that her insignia is already at the time limit. They watch her get dragged into abyss, and break tells Sharon that he gave them an assignment so that Oz can understand the reality of the situation. The episode ends with someone (who sound like the guy that took control of Gil in Episode 2) finding out that Oz has returned.


This episode was decently done. I also have to say that I’m adding Alice to my list on anime girls I find unbelievable cute. So many cute moments. In any case I’m still not finding this anime as interesting as I thought. My mind might change after the plot speeds up a bit, but there’s far too much technobabble at the moment. This anime is still extremely impressive, and in my opinion the animation quality is a lot better than something that I expected from XEBEC.

K-ON! – Episode 5

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k-on 5-6Summary:

Ritsu and Yui go through a photo album of the previous Keionbu. Yui’s been practicing and she seems pretty good now, but she cut her finger on the string. She tells Ritsu and asks for help, as well as mentioning it to Mio. Mio can’t stand the sight of blood it turns out and is already curled up in a corner. Ritsu decides to have a little fun with her. That’s when the music teacher comes in and gives Yui help with her finger. Yui goes with her and she explains that all guitarists go through this phase. Mugi is watching from the sideline when Yui calls her out. They walk back together and turns out that Mugi went to request the stage for theschool festival. According to the student council, the light music club is not a recognized club. They confront Yui’s friend Nodoka about this, and find out that Ritsu just forgot. After Mio scolding her, Nodoka agrees to help them out. However, seems they need to find an adviser. They go get the teacher from before and she says she can’t be their adviser because she’s already advising another club. Yui however, notices something, asking her if she was in the light music club because she thought someone in the photo album looked like her. The Sawako (th teacher) dashes off to destroy the evidence, which Yui and Ritsu already have. She displays her skills and tells them that she became a wild person for a crush, who rejected her in the end anyway.

Ritsu threatens to leak the photo if she doesn’t become adviser, so she agrees. First things first, you got an original song but there’s no lyrics. Mio writes some at home and they turn out to me extremely embarassing, so Mio refuses to be vocalist. Yui wants to do it, so she gets training to sing and play at the same time. After the training, her voice is used up so she can’t do it and they decide on Mio, who promptly faints after this. Oh yeah forgot, through the episode Mugi seemed in a daze, turns out she likes girl-girl relationships… o something… would have never guessed…

k-on 5 PV

The thing with Mugi was a little unexpected, and wasn’t in what I’ve read of the manga. In fact, I wasn’t expecting this much of the manga to be covered, let alone for it to be interesting. Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous episodes it was still a good episode. Still would have never guessed that about Mugi though, so unexpected. On the other hand, although I love Mio to death, they’re kind of overusing that gag where she curls up and covers her ears, to the point where it’s expected just about everytime. I mean, it’s dang Moe but, it feels like their going out of their way to make the episode Moe. Yui got some good scene’s in the episode too, I’m liking her more and more. Especially that part when she sings. On a final note, I was right, I’ve been telling my friends their first performance was going to be in episode 6, but they didn’t believe me. I’m heaps happy about this. Also that we’ll here new songs, and not the extra tracks on the OP and ED singles.

Pandora Hearts – Episode 4

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Having escaped from abyss, Oz wakes up in a bed with a man sitting beside him. Turns out, he’s at a bungalow that is owned by the Reinsworth’s family. Break, the servant of Sharon explains all the stuff that has happened. They then proceed arrest Oz which he does not resist. However, Alice, who is still in Oz’s body fights back. After a fight seen, Alice and Oz end up agreeing to talk about what their going to do. That’s when a chain appears out of the pocket watch. Alice defeats it and unlocks a piece of her memory which she has been searching for. After a touching seen, Alice reverts to her normal, quick tempered self. After a conversation they go outside and make a promise to help each other out.


Well, after seeing the summary you can probably tell that I’m slowly losing interesting in this anime. Do not fear, I think after a few more episode I will pick up an interest in this again. I think the problem is that I’m enjoying other shows more than this, to the point where this anime kind of fades in to the background of my list of anime I’m watching. This episode was still busy explaining a lot of things. I think once they stop explaining everything so much, the anime will pick up pace and I’ll enjoy it a lot more. Anyways, next weeks enter should be up a whole lot earlier.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Lilicure GO! GO!

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Wow, I just in one day, yesterday, the views on this blog went times 4 of the previously highest amount of views. In any case, guess that’s good 😛 I did this video out of boredom. This is the result of me listening to the song on the train, and then trying it out on the piano so… that’s why it was pretty bad. It’s also the first time I’m using the quick capture thing on youtube. Don’t think I’ll do sheet music on this since I’m not sure if anyone would want the sheet music for this anyways. If any does by some chance want it, just comment on this post saying so.

Also, I’d like to express my thanks to josh agarrado for adding my sheets to his archive of sheet music… hey, maybe that explains the sudden spike in views! One final note, I haven’t been able to find the time to do the post for Pandora Hearts, I’m hoping to do it after uni today but maybe something random will pop up again, like every other day…

K-ON! – Episode 4

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k-on 4-5


The Keion crew are at the beach, and it looks like Yui and Ritsu are already goofing off before anything starts. Anyway, the beach will have to wait, since after the OP it flashes back to when they’re still at school, Mio is taking random pictures when she comes across a box marks “light music club”. After this, Mio storms into the room while Yui hurt herself practising guittar with Ritsu, declaring that they’re going to have a traiing camp to practise their band work. She claims they need it if they pan to participate in the cultural festival. Ritsu wants to do a maid cafe, but Yui wants a haunted house. Mio hits Ritsu over the head and says that their going to do a live performance, since they’re the light music club. Mugi walks in on this and Mio asks her if she agrees. Rtsu they says that they don’t have a place to go. Mio asks if Mugi has a place. Turns out she has a villa by the beach.

The next day, Yui is fast asleep, and her sister Ui is trying to wake her up when she notices the luggage and guitar packed. Yui wakes up to her phone ringing. Looks like Mio ain’t a morning person either, by the sounds of it. Yui just makes it on the train, and she claims that she was extremely tired because she was excited and didn’t get to sleep. Mugi is a sleep and mutters something about Jello in her sleep. Ritsu takes a picture of Mugi sleeping and she wakes up. Anyways, they get the Mugi’s villa and see that it is in fact huge! Mugi says that she’s sorry that their stuk with the smallest one, and the others are shocked again at her richness.

Mio and Mugi go to the area where the band equipment is set up, and Yui and Ritsu changed into their swimsuits. Mio says she doesn’t think they can get up to the standard of the previous light music club. Mugi says it should be alright. Mio insists that they practise, but the others are already gone. Feeling left out, she gives in and joins them in their fun. After all the fun and games, Mio realizes that they haven’t practiced yet. Yui and Ritsu are already tired though, and just fall a sleep on the ground. Mio wakes them up by putting an amp next to their heads and playing some bass. Ritsu is still insisting on doing a maid cafe and says that Mio would look best in a maid outfit. They then all go out side and some fireworks are lit. Yui starts playing in front of the fireworks with her guitar as if in a live concert, and the sight of it touches her.

Speaking of which, how IS Yui’s guitar playing going? Turns out shes pretty darn good now. But she doesn’t know how to the ‘myon’ sound yet. Mio is able to teach her, and she bursts into laughter saying it feels weird. They go to the hot springs outside and Yui thanks Mio for organising the trip.

Later, they arrive home, Mio strangles Ritsu for the photos that se took of her during the camp.

k-on 4 pvWell, this episode was better than my expectations. The manga version was kinda short and dull so I  wasn’t expecting much from this episode, so it was pretty good. Also, while Mio is still my favorite girl from this series, I’m starting to like Yui a whole heap more. It was also nice to hear Yui play more than a 3 note tune that she did in previous episodes. I can’t wait for episode 6, since I’m predicting that it’s going to be the episode we get our first insert song of the series. Anyways, like with this weeks, I’m not really expecting much from the next one, but after this weeks, who knows?

Anime News – Zetsuboushita!!!

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Are you in depair? Well even after a long day, i’m no longer in despair. That’s because the despair inducing teacher is back July 2009! That’s right, Sayonara Zetsubou is apprently going o be back for a thrid season.It will be title “Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” apparently. Shaft is going to be animating again so we don’t need to worry about an awkward change in animation style or character design or even voice actors (like Hayate for example). Well, I’m definately going to be blogging this when the time somes around!

Also, Clannad After story’s 8th DVD installment will be released n July the 1st. It will feature an anime special episode called “Another World: Kyou Arc” which will most probably be featuring parts of and possible the ending of the Kyou path in the visual novel. I am looking forward to this, since I’m one of those people who thought that the other “main” girls didn’t take much part in the After Story.

Pandora Hearts – Episode 3

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ph 3-1

ph 3-2

ph 3-3


Oz is dragged down into abyss, and walks around aimlessly, noting that his surroundings are just staying the same, no matter what he does. He takes a break and rests by a wall of some sort. We get a nice view of abyss which resembles the place in alice in wonderland.. only more trashed. Anyways, he walks along and is attacked by a freaky looking doll, then after that, attacked aain by a giant freaky looking doll (different freaky dolls). These dolls are apparently called chains. This is where the B-rabbit, who is also a chain, that he encountered before being dragged into abyss, comes to same him. After being saved, the girl introduces herself as Alice, and says that B-rabbit is just a nickname that she was given by others. Oz asks why he was attacked by her the first time they met, and Alice says that the first time she remembers meeting him was when she saved him from the hooded people back in his world. Oz gets distracted by cookies that he finds and begins to nibble on them. Alice asks him why he’s so calm after everything that happened, he replies that his uncle told him it’s better to be calm in those kind of situations.

The girl then asks him to form a contract with her, so that she can get out of Abyss with her. This is where a voice calls out Oz’s name and he vanishes. It turns out to be Sharon, the girl that he took a liking to at his coming of age ceremony, who teleported him away and she says that she came to save him. The girl begins saying bad things about Alice, and for some strange reason, Oz is defending he. It comes to a point where Sharon mentions Alice’s name, when Oz is apparently the only one that knows her name. It turs out to be another chain that is disguised as Sharon. Alice gets eaten by this chain and Oz gets mad, attacking the chain and also getting swallowed. Oz finds Alice and forms the contract with her. A huge as explosion happens and kills the chain that swallowed them, and Alice kisses Oz to seal the contact. She then moves and possesses him, opening a way out of abyss. The episode ends with Sharon Break and a man in black, getting ready to save Oz, when he appears in front of them. They say that the key they needed has appeared, even if he might be the fallen angel that will destroy everyone.


This episode was really short in my opinion. It felt like I was watching it for 5 minutes or something. In any case, this episode was a lot better than the other 2 previous ones were. The music again was a noticeable feature which interested me. It looks like XEBEC does do a good job at times. They definitely chose the right people to handle the music. Anyways, the characters are developing well and  definitely will be sticking around to find out what happens next

K-ON! – Episode 3

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k-on 3-4


Yui is practicing guitar in the clubroom and remarks that the guitar strings are scary because it looks like it could cut your finger. Ritsu agrees, and Mio screams because she hates that kind of stuff. Yui assures Mio that her fingers are no cut, Mio then calms down and says that your finger will become tougher and will not cut easily after practicing for a while. She asks Yui is she wants to touch her fingers to see. Yui thinks Mio’s fingers are squishy…

Yui it seems has been practicing her guitar a lot lately. It’s good right… only, she forgot about the test and ended up failing it. She then tells the others that she may be banned from club activities if she doesn’t pass the make-up exam. Mio then sees that if Yui is banned, then the club won’t have enough members and the club will probably be forced to disband. The encourage Yui to study. Once Yui studies she loses interest and time and time again we see her going to practice guitar instead. Before she knows it, it comes to the night before the testand begs Mio to teach her what she needs to know. So the light music club decides to go and elp Yui study. They hear that Yui has a younger sister and that evokes imaginations of how immature ui’s little sister is. However, upon rrive there, they see that Yui’s sister is a lot more mature than Yui is.

It finally comes to the studying and Ritsu is proving to only be a distraction, so Mio sends her out of the room. With Tsumugi’s cake and a visit from Nodoka, Yui ends up learning a lot or Mio, and by the end of the night. Yui ends up at the club room after the tests and she ended up being shocked because she aced the test. Anyways, congratulations, hey Yui why don’t you show us some of the guitar you were practicing? Oh! She forgot, because of the algebra… eh, no, an x and y chord don’t exist.

k-on 3 PV

Well this episode had a lot going for it. there were many Yui and Ritsu moments throughout the episode. I guess it’s only fair after the many Mio moments in the previous episode. Although, I thought that the part before the OP was extremely enjoyable. Well, still no negative things about this show from me, in fact I like it to the point that I’d rather get a 26 EP long season then get to see Haruhi 2 (… no Haruhi fanboys heard me say that btw…). Unfortunately that seems unlikely. Though fom the popularity of the series, and the fact that it doesn’t look like it will over a lot of the manga, I think this has a good sot at getting a second season… which would be something that I’d really be hoping for. Next episode will be interesting, and it’s probably where the shot at the beach in the P comes from. Well, whatever happens with this show, I think I’ll keep watching. I am looking forward to any insert sons we may see in the near future.