K-ON! – Episode 5

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k-on 5-6Summary:

Ritsu and Yui go through a photo album of the previous Keionbu. Yui’s been practicing and she seems pretty good now, but she cut her finger on the string. She tells Ritsu and asks for help, as well as mentioning it to Mio. Mio can’t stand the sight of blood it turns out and is already curled up in a corner. Ritsu decides to have a little fun with her. That’s when the music teacher comes in and gives Yui help with her finger. Yui goes with her and she explains that all guitarists go through this phase. Mugi is watching from the sideline when Yui calls her out. They walk back together and turns out that Mugi went to request the stage for theschool festival. According to the student council, the light music club is not a recognized club. They confront Yui’s friend Nodoka about this, and find out that Ritsu just forgot. After Mio scolding her, Nodoka agrees to help them out. However, seems they need to find an adviser. They go get the teacher from before and she says she can’t be their adviser because she’s already advising another club. Yui however, notices something, asking her if she was in the light music club because she thought someone in the photo album looked like her. The Sawako (th teacher) dashes off to destroy the evidence, which Yui and Ritsu already have. She displays her skills and tells them that she became a wild person for a crush, who rejected her in the end anyway.

Ritsu threatens to leak the photo if she doesn’t become adviser, so she agrees. First things first, you got an original song but there’s no lyrics. Mio writes some at home and they turn out to me extremely embarassing, so Mio refuses to be vocalist. Yui wants to do it, so she gets training to sing and play at the same time. After the training, her voice is used up so she can’t do it and they decide on Mio, who promptly faints after this. Oh yeah forgot, through the episode Mugi seemed in a daze, turns out she likes girl-girl relationships… o something… would have never guessed…

k-on 5 PV

The thing with Mugi was a little unexpected, and wasn’t in what I’ve read of the manga. In fact, I wasn’t expecting this much of the manga to be covered, let alone for it to be interesting. Although I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous episodes it was still a good episode. Still would have never guessed that about Mugi though, so unexpected. On the other hand, although I love Mio to death, they’re kind of overusing that gag where she curls up and covers her ears, to the point where it’s expected just about everytime. I mean, it’s dang Moe but, it feels like their going out of their way to make the episode Moe. Yui got some good scene’s in the episode too, I’m liking her more and more. Especially that part when she sings. On a final note, I was right, I’ve been telling my friends their first performance was going to be in episode 6, but they didn’t believe me. I’m heaps happy about this. Also that we’ll here new songs, and not the extra tracks on the OP and ED singles.

~ by shinryou on May 1, 2009.

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