Pandora Hearts – Episode 4

ph 4-1

ph 4-2

ph 4-3

ph 4-4


Having escaped from abyss, Oz wakes up in a bed with a man sitting beside him. Turns out, he’s at a bungalow that is owned by the Reinsworth’s family. Break, the servant of Sharon explains all the stuff that has happened. They then proceed arrest Oz which he does not resist. However, Alice, who is still in Oz’s body fights back. After a fight seen, Alice and Oz end up agreeing to talk about what their going to do. That’s when a chain appears out of the pocket watch. Alice defeats it and unlocks a piece of her memory which she has been searching for. After a touching seen, Alice reverts to her normal, quick tempered self. After a conversation they go outside and make a promise to help each other out.


Well, after seeing the summary you can probably tell that I’m slowly losing interesting in this anime. Do not fear, I think after a few more episode I will pick up an interest in this again. I think the problem is that I’m enjoying other shows more than this, to the point where this anime kind of fades in to the background of my list of anime I’m watching. This episode was still busy explaining a lot of things. I think once they stop explaining everything so much, the anime will pick up pace and I’ll enjoy it a lot more. Anyways, next weeks enter should be up a whole lot earlier.

~ by shinryou on April 29, 2009.

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