K-ON! – Episode 4

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The Keion crew are at the beach, and it looks like Yui and Ritsu are already goofing off before anything starts. Anyway, the beach will have to wait, since after the OP it flashes back to when they’re still at school, Mio is taking random pictures when she comes across a box marks “light music club”. After this, Mio storms into the room while Yui hurt herself practising guittar with Ritsu, declaring that they’re going to have a traiing camp to practise their band work. She claims they need it if they pan to participate in the cultural festival. Ritsu wants to do a maid cafe, but Yui wants a haunted house. Mio hits Ritsu over the head and says that their going to do a live performance, since they’re the light music club. Mugi walks in on this and Mio asks her if she agrees. Rtsu they says that they don’t have a place to go. Mio asks if Mugi has a place. Turns out she has a villa by the beach.

The next day, Yui is fast asleep, and her sister Ui is trying to wake her up when she notices the luggage and guitar packed. Yui wakes up to her phone ringing. Looks like Mio ain’t a morning person either, by the sounds of it. Yui just makes it on the train, and she claims that she was extremely tired because she was excited and didn’t get to sleep. Mugi is a sleep and mutters something about Jello in her sleep. Ritsu takes a picture of Mugi sleeping and she wakes up. Anyways, they get the Mugi’s villa and see that it is in fact huge! Mugi says that she’s sorry that their stuk with the smallest one, and the others are shocked again at her richness.

Mio and Mugi go to the area where the band equipment is set up, and Yui and Ritsu changed into their swimsuits. Mio says she doesn’t think they can get up to the standard of the previous light music club. Mugi says it should be alright. Mio insists that they practise, but the others are already gone. Feeling left out, she gives in and joins them in their fun. After all the fun and games, Mio realizes that they haven’t practiced yet. Yui and Ritsu are already tired though, and just fall a sleep on the ground. Mio wakes them up by putting an amp next to their heads and playing some bass. Ritsu is still insisting on doing a maid cafe and says that Mio would look best in a maid outfit. They then all go out side and some fireworks are lit. Yui starts playing in front of the fireworks with her guitar as if in a live concert, and the sight of it touches her.

Speaking of which, how IS Yui’s guitar playing going? Turns out shes pretty darn good now. But she doesn’t know how to the ‘myon’ sound yet. Mio is able to teach her, and she bursts into laughter saying it feels weird. They go to the hot springs outside and Yui thanks Mio for organising the trip.

Later, they arrive home, Mio strangles Ritsu for the photos that se took of her during the camp.

k-on 4 pvWell, this episode was better than my expectations. The manga version was kinda short and dull so I  wasn’t expecting much from this episode, so it was pretty good. Also, while Mio is still my favorite girl from this series, I’m starting to like Yui a whole heap more. It was also nice to hear Yui play more than a 3 note tune that she did in previous episodes. I can’t wait for episode 6, since I’m predicting that it’s going to be the episode we get our first insert song of the series. Anyways, like with this weeks, I’m not really expecting much from the next one, but after this weeks, who knows?

~ by shinryou on April 24, 2009.

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