Hayate no Gotoku 2nd Season – Episode 1

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hayate op1

hayate op2
hayate op3

OP: Wonderwind (ELISA)


hayate 1-1

hayate 1-3

hayate 1-4

hayate 1-5

hayate 1-6

The episode starts with an intro by the narrator into the lives of Hayate and Nagi. After the reintroduction into the series Hayate finds out that there is an athlelic meet. Nagi immediately declares this date a holiday in an obvious ploy to escape this. Hayate encourages Nagi to just try to train for the meet. Nagi agrees since Hayate asked her. Down at some random sports stadium area, Nagi tries to train while with her other friends, but only manages to make 50 meters before collapesing, declaring it impossible. Wataru and the others tell Hayate the Nagi’s hate for exercise is worse than normal people, at the they expected no more than 3 meters from her. That is when the chief butler Klaus appears and declares that Hayate is not a capable butler because he can get Nagi to go to the meet. Nagi then makes a bet with Klaus that if she wins then Hayate is a capable butler but if she loses then Hayate will get fired. Nagi is not worried and declares that as long as “she” doesn’t run in the same event as her, she can probably win.

“She” turns out to be Hinagiku, the student council president. She says that she’s entering all events but tells Hayate about an event called the freestyle event. A lap around the school using any method. So Nagi and Hayate enter the pair event and run through avoiding the many obstacles that they meet with. They eventually meet Hinagiku who challenges Hayate in an effort to slow them down and get ahead. Hayate gets Nagi to run ahead to win the race for him. Hayate then lures Hinagiku out on a suspension bridge, and because of her fear of heights, she is unable to move.

Nagi then approaches the finishing line but is just barely beaten by her teacher, Hinagik’s teacher, who entered to get money to buy alcohol with.

hayate ed1

hayate ed2

hayate ed3

hayate ed4

ED: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! (Shizuka Itou)

I really enjoyed the first season of Hayate and am excited to see that the second season is already out. I kind of put off watching this for a while so my post is a little behind. Firstly, I really enjoyed the OP and ED this time around, I was wondering if is would be able to be as good as the 2nd OP of season 1, since it was extremely popular, but I really enjoyed both. The ED I enjoyed particularly because Hinagiku was always my favorite out of the girls in this anime.

In any case, J.C. Staff did a great job reintroducing all the characters in this episode. I really can’t wait to see the next episode since it’s only a matter of time before we see Hayate’s ultimate move animated!

Pandora Hearts – Music Box Theme

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I guess I did find the time to do this. This is a very simple song and I’ve done an extremely simple arrangement. The recording was a bit rushed because I wasn’t sure how long the quietness of my house would last today, hence all the mistakes in the recording. In any case please enjoy and remember, if you want me to do anything anime on the piano, please request and it may be found as sheet music on this site.

Pandora Hearts – Episode 2

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pandora 2

ph 2-2

ph 2-3


The episode begins with a shot of girl floating in a strange dimension. After that shot, we’re back with Oz who is getting ready for his coming of age ceremony. His little sister Ada, and Uncle Oscar both greet him and bring him to a room full of flowers that were given by the Reinsworth family. The granddaughter of the family head, Sharon, is there, and Oz falls instantly in love with her. After introductions, he find out that she will not be attending the ceremony. Oz is therefore shattered after hearing this. She then tells him to remember that there will be people there to support him. She leaves telling “Break” a man who accompanied her to come with her. In their carriage, Break remarks that Oz matches the kind of guys Sharon likes. She then says that people of Oz’s family are fated to come to their families side. She also says the Break will probable be the one to interact with him the most.

As Sharon leaves the party, a group of hooded people are hiding around the mansion grounds. Oz is now about to enter the ceremony, his little sister, who can’t join the party wishes her brother luck. Walking in tot he building and fulfilling his duty i the ceremony, he is glad to see Gil is there. When he recites his vow in front of the clock of tranquility, it rings, causing time to stop. The hooded people are convinced that this matches what a certain prophesy states and they surround him. This is where Gil, who is being controlled by someone, grabs OZ and stabs him, allowing the blood to drop and form a rune on the ground. The same girl from the start then appears as the “Bea Rabbit” and states the Oz is her possession. After an excellent fight scene with nice background music, the hooded people are defeated and Gil is back in control of himself. The Bea Rabbit allows the hooded people to live, because she knows that they want to send Oz to Abyss, which is what she wanted in the first place. Gil begs one of the hooded men to let Oz go, and says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. This is where Oz grabs a sword to attack the man, and Gil who seems to recognize the man, jumps out to defend him. Oz is shocked having slashed Gil’s chest, and the Bea Rabbit, fades away, saying that she’s found her clue and that she will await Oz’s arrival. The episode ends with the scene at the start of episode 1, and then Oz is dragged down into abyss. After this Sharon and Break are shown in the building that Oz had the ceremony, with a man dressed in black with a black hat. They talk about a job that “the organization” doesn’t know about.

ph 2 PV

This episode was well done. The best scene was the fight scene in my opinion, the music tied in well with the scene. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but, the music is definitely the strongest point that this anime has going for it. In my opinion the anime is moving at the slower rate than the manga did but, it’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. The anime hasn’t had any part that was TOO boring to watch, and the animation quality was a lot better than what I was expecting XEBEC was going to be able to do. I’m so far satisfied with this anime and how it’s going and I am looking forward to seeing Alice in the next episode.

K-ON! – Don’t say ‘lazy’

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I was planning to do this yesterday but I only actually did today. I was also suppose to do sheet music and record the pandora hearts music box theme, but I don’t think I’ll be able to because of the amount of noise in my home today. Anyways, please enjoy this piano arrangement by me! The sheet music is already available on the sheet music page in case you were interested.

In any case, I should be able to post the Pandora Hearts music box theme either tomorrow or the day after.

K-ON! – Episode 2

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k-on 2-1

k-on 2-2

k-on 2-3


We begin the episode with Yui contemplating the fact that she hasn’t done anything with school life, something we already learned in the previous episode. Then when she enters the room we get a nice as intro of all the K-ON member. Speaking of which, I’d like to add how they spiced it up in comparison to the manga version. Obviously anime has got the advantage being able to use music, in a music centered anime.

So uh yeah, didn’t Yui say she was going to buy a guitar. How much are instruments these days. Nah, I don’t think 5000 yen is going to cut it. Mio reakons 50000 at the very least. And maybe over 100000 yen for a good quality one. They all decide to meet up and help her choose one. Of course, with Yui in their group, a lot of distractions make them forget that they were supposed to go to the music store. When there, we see Yui’s future guitar (which can be assumed by the one she had in the OP) which is 250000 yen. That’s, a lot I think. I don’t think I know many who would use that much to buy something like an instrument. Maybe on other brand name stuff but not an instrument. Not in high school anyway. So they go job hunting, something that many people I know dread. And some how they get a job counting cars (awesome job in my opinion…. easy anyways…) After more moe action, they get paid, and Yui decided that she can get the money on her own, and gives everyone what they earned themselves.

Returning to the shop, we find out that Mugi’s family actually owned the store so she haggles the price dow to 50000 yen which was what Yui could afford (tell us earlier!!!). Yui’s attachment to things prevents her from playing the instrument, and she instead treats it like some sort of display item in her room… but I don’t think most of us would sleep with our display items. Anyways, Yui still can’t play by the end of this episode. Though what she can play was kinda funny (since I’ve heard it before… with new guitar players.)

k-on 2 PV

Well, K-ON continues to impress me. Usually when I watch anime, I need at least 5-10 episode to convice me that the anime is worth watching. After first episode I was conviced, and after the second it takes it’s place in my favorite anime list. What can I say, I just love Moe centric anime. Speaking of which, Mio’s large fanbase would probably love this episode, so many Mio moments to enjoy. This is probably KyoAni’s intention, as Mio is lead singer in the ED, and she gets so many scenes in this episode.

I happen to know that there are many people who hate this with a passion. Some people hate this kind of show, but it’s not like there an anime that could please the whole anime market. This is for fans of those cute slice of life style anime. If you want fan service watch Queen of Blades, if you want action, watch Full Metal Alchemist. But to all those who judge this show without giving it a go, just give it a chance, it’s a great show.

Anyways, the exam episode is next. After reading the manga I’m a little excited for this one, they added a lot of funny extra non-manga bits in this ep, but it all work out great. If they pull that off with the next ep, I’ll be completely sold on this anime. Anyways, I’m 100% sure going to keep watching… and also sure that I’m going to buy what every K-ON! merchandise is going to come out XD

Pandora Hearts – Episode 1

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OP: Parallel Hearts (FictionJunction)




It’s a dark and stormy night, and somewhere in some mansion, a boy named Oz Bezarius is being held by 2 robed man, who tell him that his crime is his very existence. Following this, the town is then engulfed in a dark light  (contradiction, but it is!) that destroys the surrounding area.

Following that scene, the maids at certain mansion are looking for Oz Bezarius, in fact it is time for him to try on the uniform for his ceremony later on. The boy “Gilbert” who appears to be Oz’s personal servant is asked and threatened to tell them the location of Oz. Threated by a cat which happens to be his worst fear, Gil then tells them that he is with his little sister at the lake. Oz then comes out of the closet in that room and thanks Gil for helping them out. They all then proceed to another building, where the so called ‘tranquil clock” resides. While there a voice calls out, explaining the clocks importance, turns out they are all caught out by Oz’s uncle Oscar. Oscar decides that he’ll allow the 3 to play a little while longer under the condition that Oz doesn’t mess up the ritual. He stall the maid Mrs. Kate for them but warns Oz that if he messes up the ceremony he will “call the chains of the abyss” on him.

The three then go to a place that Oz has discovered earlier that day. Oz’s sister Ada asks what abyss is and he explains that it is “a prison for bad people.” Oz then gives clothing that Oscar gave him before to Gil telling him to be a part of the ceremony. Gil refuses and insists that he is not worthy of it. This is when Oz hears the sound of a music box. They follow te sound to a grave with a golden pocket watch hanging off of it. Entranced by the watches song, Oz reaches out and grabs it. While looking at it he find him self in a different place, with many dolls around the room. The dolls exclaim that he has returned, which is strange because Oz had never been there before. That is when a girl comes out and tells him that he’s always there for her. The conversation takes a turn and she threatens to kill him, but not before making him experience all the pain that she felt. After this, he is brought back to reality where Gil is calling his name. Oz shakes what had just happens and strongly insists that Gil be a part of the ceremony.

When preparing for the ceremony, Oz says he could feel that the “dream” did actually happen, and his neck shows the mark that the girl had left on him when choking him in the dream. Gil contemplates what to do, that’s when a hooded man comes up behind him. While the people roll in for the ceremony, Oz feels as though something ominous is about to happen. Gil’s body appears to ave been taken over, and a group of hooded men surround the mansion. The episode ends witha shot of a girl, floating in nothingness by herself.

ED: Maze (Savage Genius)




Here is a series that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. I read as much manga as I could find on the net of this and I have to say, this series will be excellent. At least I thought that until I thought tat until I saw that XEBEC would be animating this. Unfortunately, XEBEC has ruined the anime of 2 other manga that I enjoyed quite bit, and they were “Negima!” and “To-Love-Ru”. However, after seeing the first episode, I think this one could turn out alright. The story is quite good, and although I thought that the opening sequence could have been better, it’s actually appropriate for this series. The ending was excellent. the music for this series is definitely it’s strong point, with an amazing OST I don’t think I’ll be able to go on, not transcribing the music.

This is definitely a series that I’ll be watching a blogging this season, and I look forward to what XEBEC will do this time. Speaking of which, it looks like alice is finally going to fight next episode. I WA hoping that we’d get to see t this episode but I guess i gotta wait.

K-ON! – Episode 1

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OP: Cagayaki! GIRLS (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako)



K-ON 1-1K-ON 1-2K-ON 1-3K-ON 1-4K-ON 1-5K-ON 1-6

Ah, Yui wakes up and… she’s late for school!! So to make up for the lost time she bolts out the door wit a piece of toast in her mouth. Her first day as a high schooler and she’s late, or so she thinks, because she forgot to set her clock properly. And hour early, stress for nothing must suck. From this we can already see the Yui’s a clumsy girl. Love character’s with this personality. After the ceremony we see Yui being bombarded with several clubs recruiting members. It seems that she is indecisive in regards of what club to join.

Meanwhile, a girl named Ritsu asks her friend Mio to go with her to check out the light music club. Upon finding out that Mio has already filled out an application for another club, Ritsu tears it in half. Too bad for the both of them that the K-ON club is going to be disbanded because of the fact that there are no longer any members left. Mio hopes this is good enough a reason for her to go join the literacy club like she planned, but Ritsu likes the sound of being the club president. Ritsu plans to wait in the club room for members to come join. A girl by the name of Tsumugi stumbles in, apparently hoping to join the choir club. She is instead drafted into the K-ON club after Ritsu’s pressuring and a heart warming flashback into Ritsu and Mio’s lives. I fabricated one according to Mio.

3 members found and one left to be found, the K-ON three meet at a fast food restaurant to discuss their recruiting strategies. After much discussing (or lack of) the three post an ad (above that of another clubs i believe) on the school bulletin board. Of course, this catches the eye of Yui who thinks of joining thinking that the “light” music club meant that she didn’t have to do much.

Upon getting to the clubroom, her imagination runs wild, imagining how scary a reaction from the club members would be upon finding out she doesn’t play guitar. After a long scene of misunderstanding, Yui manages to tell them that she can’t play an instrument. he other club members refuse to let her go and try to win her over because they need 4 members to stay alive. This leads to a performance of the three which moves Yui, despite the fact that she admits that it was a crappy performance, and convinces her to join the club.

And the K-ON begins!

ED: Don’t say “lazy” (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako)


This is the newest of KyoAni’s animations, and I have to say, I AM impressed. The art style is similar to both Lucky Star and Haruhi which in my opinion was an art style I favoured. As well as this the animation was great, the facial expressions and movement and shhaoe of the mouth was impressive. Of course, we have seen this time and time again in KyoAni’s work. The music in this anime was thoroughly enjoyed by me, I still got the OP stuck in my head, and I hope to be able to arrange some of the music from this anime in future (If you got a request comment below). Out of our main cast I thought that the clumsy Yui was entertaining to watch, however I think I liked what I saw of Mio so far.


It looks like next time they’ll be shopping for a guitar for Yui. Ha, looks lke more of Yui’s antics are to be enjoyed next week. I’ll definately be sticking around to see how this series goes

Gundam 00 Series Overview

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Hah, finally finished Gundam 00, and it’s been a whole week since the last episode was released. I’m pretty damn slow huh? Well, I hadn’t really had time to watch this series and decided to marathon it for myself. Episode 1 of season 1 all the way to the end of season 2. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the entire series. The anime had a good storyline, character depth as well as managing to keep the quality of the “mecha”.

Regarding the last episode of season 2, I had heard a lot of bad things about the way it ended. After watching it I have to say, I disagree. I can see where they’re coming from, and the final fight kinda ended a lot lamer than I would have liked, but the way everything resolved in the end of the season which I thought was important. this is just my opinion though. Regardless, I’d have to say that this series is defiantly worth the watch. If your a mecha fan then you should go without watching this series.

Toradora! – Orange (ED2)

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Since Toradora has finished, I’ve decided to put together this arrangement of my favorite theme from Toradora. Enjoy, Toradora’s second ending theme. I actually posted this sometime ago, the arrangement was based of the transition into the ending theme in episode 21.

Sheet Music is now up for those who are interested

Toradora! Season Impression

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So Toradora has finally finished. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been watching this anime for half a year, for me the series progressed as a good pace and the character development overall was good. However, for a an anime that went quite well, it was fairly predictable. The ending that I predicted was pretty much the way it ended. Despite this fact, the season was still very entertaining. There were many good themes worked into the story which I quite liked (ones the stood out were Ami’s “family” illustration as well as Minori’s conversations about seeing and not seeing “ghosts”). Overall this season was extremely good and kudos go to the author of the novel Takemiya Yuyuko as well as J.C.Staff for producing such an entertaining series in anime form. I would definately recommend people to watch this if they had the time.