Anime News – Zetsuboushita!!!

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Are you in depair? Well even after a long day, i’m no longer in despair. That’s because the despair inducing teacher is back July 2009! That’s right, Sayonara Zetsubou is apprently going o be back for a thrid season.It will be title “Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” apparently. Shaft is going to be animating again so we don’t need to worry about an awkward change in animation style or character design or even voice actors (like Hayate for example). Well, I’m definately going to be blogging this when the time somes around!

Also, Clannad After story’s 8th DVD installment will be released n July the 1st. It will feature an anime special episode called “Another World: Kyou Arc” which will most probably be featuring parts of and possible the ending of the Kyou path in the visual novel. I am looking forward to this, since I’m one of those people who thought that the other “main” girls didn’t take much part in the After Story.


Pandora Hearts – Episode 3

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ph 3-1

ph 3-2

ph 3-3


Oz is dragged down into abyss, and walks around aimlessly, noting that his surroundings are just staying the same, no matter what he does. He takes a break and rests by a wall of some sort. We get a nice view of abyss which resembles the place in alice in wonderland.. only more trashed. Anyways, he walks along and is attacked by a freaky looking doll, then after that, attacked aain by a giant freaky looking doll (different freaky dolls). These dolls are apparently called chains. This is where the B-rabbit, who is also a chain, that he encountered before being dragged into abyss, comes to same him. After being saved, the girl introduces herself as Alice, and says that B-rabbit is just a nickname that she was given by others. Oz asks why he was attacked by her the first time they met, and Alice says that the first time she remembers meeting him was when she saved him from the hooded people back in his world. Oz gets distracted by cookies that he finds and begins to nibble on them. Alice asks him why he’s so calm after everything that happened, he replies that his uncle told him it’s better to be calm in those kind of situations.

The girl then asks him to form a contract with her, so that she can get out of Abyss with her. This is where a voice calls out Oz’s name and he vanishes. It turns out to be Sharon, the girl that he took a liking to at his coming of age ceremony, who teleported him away and she says that she came to save him. The girl begins saying bad things about Alice, and for some strange reason, Oz is defending he. It comes to a point where Sharon mentions Alice’s name, when Oz is apparently the only one that knows her name. It turs out to be another chain that is disguised as Sharon. Alice gets eaten by this chain and Oz gets mad, attacking the chain and also getting swallowed. Oz finds Alice and forms the contract with her. A huge as explosion happens and kills the chain that swallowed them, and Alice kisses Oz to seal the contact. She then moves and possesses him, opening a way out of abyss. The episode ends with Sharon Break and a man in black, getting ready to save Oz, when he appears in front of them. They say that the key they needed has appeared, even if he might be the fallen angel that will destroy everyone.


This episode was really short in my opinion. It felt like I was watching it for 5 minutes or something. In any case, this episode was a lot better than the other 2 previous ones were. The music again was a noticeable feature which interested me. It looks like XEBEC does do a good job at times. They definitely chose the right people to handle the music. Anyways, the characters are developing well and  definitely will be sticking around to find out what happens next

K-ON! – Episode 3

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k-on 3-1

k-on 3-2

k-on 3-3

k-on 3-4


Yui is practicing guitar in the clubroom and remarks that the guitar strings are scary because it looks like it could cut your finger. Ritsu agrees, and Mio screams because she hates that kind of stuff. Yui assures Mio that her fingers are no cut, Mio then calms down and says that your finger will become tougher and will not cut easily after practicing for a while. She asks Yui is she wants to touch her fingers to see. Yui thinks Mio’s fingers are squishy…

Yui it seems has been practicing her guitar a lot lately. It’s good right… only, she forgot about the test and ended up failing it. She then tells the others that she may be banned from club activities if she doesn’t pass the make-up exam. Mio then sees that if Yui is banned, then the club won’t have enough members and the club will probably be forced to disband. The encourage Yui to study. Once Yui studies she loses interest and time and time again we see her going to practice guitar instead. Before she knows it, it comes to the night before the testand begs Mio to teach her what she needs to know. So the light music club decides to go and elp Yui study. They hear that Yui has a younger sister and that evokes imaginations of how immature ui’s little sister is. However, upon rrive there, they see that Yui’s sister is a lot more mature than Yui is.

It finally comes to the studying and Ritsu is proving to only be a distraction, so Mio sends her out of the room. With Tsumugi’s cake and a visit from Nodoka, Yui ends up learning a lot or Mio, and by the end of the night. Yui ends up at the club room after the tests and she ended up being shocked because she aced the test. Anyways, congratulations, hey Yui why don’t you show us some of the guitar you were practicing? Oh! She forgot, because of the algebra… eh, no, an x and y chord don’t exist.

k-on 3 PV

Well this episode had a lot going for it. there were many Yui and Ritsu moments throughout the episode. I guess it’s only fair after the many Mio moments in the previous episode. Although, I thought that the part before the OP was extremely enjoyable. Well, still no negative things about this show from me, in fact I like it to the point that I’d rather get a 26 EP long season then get to see Haruhi 2 (… no Haruhi fanboys heard me say that btw…). Unfortunately that seems unlikely. Though fom the popularity of the series, and the fact that it doesn’t look like it will over a lot of the manga, I think this has a good sot at getting a second season… which would be something that I’d really be hoping for. Next episode will be interesting, and it’s probably where the shot at the beach in the P comes from. Well, whatever happens with this show, I think I’ll keep watching. I am looking forward to any insert sons we may see in the near future.

Hayate no Gotoku 2nd Season – Episode 1

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hayate op1

hayate op2
hayate op3

OP: Wonderwind (ELISA)


hayate 1-1

hayate 1-3

hayate 1-4

hayate 1-5

hayate 1-6

The episode starts with an intro by the narrator into the lives of Hayate and Nagi. After the reintroduction into the series Hayate finds out that there is an athlelic meet. Nagi immediately declares this date a holiday in an obvious ploy to escape this. Hayate encourages Nagi to just try to train for the meet. Nagi agrees since Hayate asked her. Down at some random sports stadium area, Nagi tries to train while with her other friends, but only manages to make 50 meters before collapesing, declaring it impossible. Wataru and the others tell Hayate the Nagi’s hate for exercise is worse than normal people, at the they expected no more than 3 meters from her. That is when the chief butler Klaus appears and declares that Hayate is not a capable butler because he can get Nagi to go to the meet. Nagi then makes a bet with Klaus that if she wins then Hayate is a capable butler but if she loses then Hayate will get fired. Nagi is not worried and declares that as long as “she” doesn’t run in the same event as her, she can probably win.

“She” turns out to be Hinagiku, the student council president. She says that she’s entering all events but tells Hayate about an event called the freestyle event. A lap around the school using any method. So Nagi and Hayate enter the pair event and run through avoiding the many obstacles that they meet with. They eventually meet Hinagiku who challenges Hayate in an effort to slow them down and get ahead. Hayate gets Nagi to run ahead to win the race for him. Hayate then lures Hinagiku out on a suspension bridge, and because of her fear of heights, she is unable to move.

Nagi then approaches the finishing line but is just barely beaten by her teacher, Hinagik’s teacher, who entered to get money to buy alcohol with.

hayate ed1

hayate ed2

hayate ed3

hayate ed4

ED: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! (Shizuka Itou)

I really enjoyed the first season of Hayate and am excited to see that the second season is already out. I kind of put off watching this for a while so my post is a little behind. Firstly, I really enjoyed the OP and ED this time around, I was wondering if is would be able to be as good as the 2nd OP of season 1, since it was extremely popular, but I really enjoyed both. The ED I enjoyed particularly because Hinagiku was always my favorite out of the girls in this anime.

In any case, J.C. Staff did a great job reintroducing all the characters in this episode. I really can’t wait to see the next episode since it’s only a matter of time before we see Hayate’s ultimate move animated!

Pandora Hearts – Music Box Theme

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I guess I did find the time to do this. This is a very simple song and I’ve done an extremely simple arrangement. The recording was a bit rushed because I wasn’t sure how long the quietness of my house would last today, hence all the mistakes in the recording. In any case please enjoy and remember, if you want me to do anything anime on the piano, please request and it may be found as sheet music on this site.

Pandora Hearts – Episode 2

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pandora 2

ph 2-2

ph 2-3


The episode begins with a shot of girl floating in a strange dimension. After that shot, we’re back with Oz who is getting ready for his coming of age ceremony. His little sister Ada, and Uncle Oscar both greet him and bring him to a room full of flowers that were given by the Reinsworth family. The granddaughter of the family head, Sharon, is there, and Oz falls instantly in love with her. After introductions, he find out that she will not be attending the ceremony. Oz is therefore shattered after hearing this. She then tells him to remember that there will be people there to support him. She leaves telling “Break” a man who accompanied her to come with her. In their carriage, Break remarks that Oz matches the kind of guys Sharon likes. She then says that people of Oz’s family are fated to come to their families side. She also says the Break will probable be the one to interact with him the most.

As Sharon leaves the party, a group of hooded people are hiding around the mansion grounds. Oz is now about to enter the ceremony, his little sister, who can’t join the party wishes her brother luck. Walking in tot he building and fulfilling his duty i the ceremony, he is glad to see Gil is there. When he recites his vow in front of the clock of tranquility, it rings, causing time to stop. The hooded people are convinced that this matches what a certain prophesy states and they surround him. This is where Gil, who is being controlled by someone, grabs OZ and stabs him, allowing the blood to drop and form a rune on the ground. The same girl from the start then appears as the “Bea Rabbit” and states the Oz is her possession. After an excellent fight scene with nice background music, the hooded people are defeated and Gil is back in control of himself. The Bea Rabbit allows the hooded people to live, because she knows that they want to send Oz to Abyss, which is what she wanted in the first place. Gil begs one of the hooded men to let Oz go, and says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. This is where Oz grabs a sword to attack the man, and Gil who seems to recognize the man, jumps out to defend him. Oz is shocked having slashed Gil’s chest, and the Bea Rabbit, fades away, saying that she’s found her clue and that she will await Oz’s arrival. The episode ends with the scene at the start of episode 1, and then Oz is dragged down into abyss. After this Sharon and Break are shown in the building that Oz had the ceremony, with a man dressed in black with a black hat. They talk about a job that “the organization” doesn’t know about.

ph 2 PV

This episode was well done. The best scene was the fight scene in my opinion, the music tied in well with the scene. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but, the music is definitely the strongest point that this anime has going for it. In my opinion the anime is moving at the slower rate than the manga did but, it’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. The anime hasn’t had any part that was TOO boring to watch, and the animation quality was a lot better than what I was expecting XEBEC was going to be able to do. I’m so far satisfied with this anime and how it’s going and I am looking forward to seeing Alice in the next episode.

K-ON! – Don’t say ‘lazy’

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I was planning to do this yesterday but I only actually did today. I was also suppose to do sheet music and record the pandora hearts music box theme, but I don’t think I’ll be able to because of the amount of noise in my home today. Anyways, please enjoy this piano arrangement by me! The sheet music is already available on the sheet music page in case you were interested.

In any case, I should be able to post the Pandora Hearts music box theme either tomorrow or the day after.