K-ON! – Episode 7

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Well, if you thought that K-ON couldn’t get any more moe, then your wrong. KyoAni has just given as another ultra sugery episode. It’s all about the relationship between Yui and Ui. We start off with a scene from their childhood. Yui and Ui are setting up the christmas tree and Yui seems to be worried that santa isn’t going to visit her because she wasn’t good that year. Ui wishes for a white christmas, which Yui grants by ripping the fluff out of the pillows and placing them on a tree outside. She ended up getting in trouble for this.

Flash forward to the present time and Yui and Ui are both walking to school. Ui is cold because she lost her scarf, which Yui helps out by putting her scarf around Ui’s neck as well as her own. Then Yui reveals her hand is cold, having lost one of her mittens. Ui holds her sisters hand to help out with this. At school, Ricchan seems to have organised an event at Mugi’s house, without her permission. You’d think she’d be mad but no… she’s extremely sorry. Yui’s house is open though, so that’s where it will be. They even invited Nodoka to the party.

Yui and Nodoka go shopping for the gift exchange, and Nodoka tells her to stop picking things that she only likes. So she picks up something she doesn’t like (Kinda looks like Mr. Saturn..) Mio and Ritsu are also shopping it seems. They all try the lottery and fail, but Mugi appears and has one. But turns down a trip to hawaii for a board game so she can use it in the gift exchange (lucky rish kid ey?)

Yui tells Ui about the pary and asks Ui to help her. Ui, knowing her sisters clumsiness, sends her off to do the decorating while she’s busy with the cooking.  Ui begins to set out snacks, andYui attempts to grab some. Unfortunately, Ui is a lot sharper than Yui gives credit for. Everyone arrives and the party begins. sometime along the parties timeline, sensei seems to have randomly appeared out of nowhere. Yui tells her that they didn’t invite her, thinking that she had plans with her boyfriend. This seems to affect her greatly, that staement that is. Switch to some scenes of exciting times, where sensei makes the party ridiculously funny. In the end, Yui and Ui’s gifts for the gift exchange were meant for each other, and ended up with each other. A scarf and mittens. How nice…

The episode ends with Yui and Ui sleeping together. Then a scene of them at the shrine, praying for their clubs success.

k-on 7 PV


Well, I never thought I’d say this but, this episode was waaaaaaay to cute. I mean, it gets awkward watching some of that stuff, and I seemed to cringe everytime something overly cute happens (for example, Yui’s air guitar…). Well, this anime still holds it’s extremely high place as my top anime for the moment. This episode wasn’t bad by any measure, but the moe and cuteness was a little bit of an overkill. They went out of their way too many times to do the moe stuff. See Ui as a main part of the episode was good again. But there was not much Mio!

In anycase, I hope we get to see a maid Mio in the next ep, since all the other members were in the outfit in the preview. Seeing how fast this anime is going now, I think we might get to see Azu-nyan sooner than I had anticipated. Cannot wait!

~ by shinryou on May 17, 2009.

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