K-ON! – Episode 6

k-on 6-1

k-on 6-2

k-on 6-3

k-on 6-4


The school festival curtains open to reveal the Keionbu! For their first live. But that will have to wait since we’re going back to before that after the OP sequence. Looks like Mio is really eager to practice but everyone else is busy. He goes to Yui’s class to see Yui helping out with the Yakisoba stall. It’s good they maintained Yui’s wrecked voice. Is kinda funny to hear. Anyways, she goes on and finds Ritsu at the front of the haunted house, who says that Mugi is apparently inside the haunted house. The other members get let off eventually thanks to the help of Nodoka who is apart of the student council. The three others find Mio practicing extremely hard. The three then eventually talk to Ritsu about how Mio became so shy. Turns out that it was Ritsu’s fault for pestering her throughout her childhood. Well Yui seems excited about the performance and it eventual becomes curtain call. After some encouraging words they sing the song. After the song, Mio ends out tripping and showing her panties in the process. The club is happy with their performance at the end of the episode, and Mio seems to have gained a fan club. Mio however isn’t doing too well.

k-on 6IN1

k-on 6IN2
k-on 6IN3

IN: Fuwa Fuwa Time (Sakurakou Keionbu)

This song was a lot better than I had expected, and it also turned out extremely good. I didn’t think that Mio’s voice would suit the voice of the song to be honest, but it did, and I really liked the way her voice was used in this voice. I was also not expecting a video clip style thing, I thought it would just have the band playing and the audience being amazed or something. I’m definitely looking forward to the full version.

k-on 6 PV

Next episode looks interesting. I thought that they were going to skip the Christmas and New Years episode. Anyways, this episode was a lot better than I expected it to be. It didn’t have much story besides Mio being nervous for the live, but it was a good episode. We also got to see Mio and Ritsu as little kids, which made the whole thing worthwhile. In any case, the show just keeps getting better. I really hope we see a lot more insert songs before the end of the 13 episodes that this series will last for. This I a music anime and it would be a shame to only get like 2 more. I’m also wondering how far the series will go, hopefully it will go through to their 2nd year in high school. If not, I’m sure a second season will be lurking.

~ by shinryou on May 9, 2009.

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