Pandora Hearts – Episode 3

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Oz is dragged down into abyss, and walks around aimlessly, noting that his surroundings are just staying the same, no matter what he does. He takes a break and rests by a wall of some sort. We get a nice view of abyss which resembles the place in alice in wonderland.. only more trashed. Anyways, he walks along and is attacked by a freaky looking doll, then after that, attacked aain by a giant freaky looking doll (different freaky dolls). These dolls are apparently called chains. This is where the B-rabbit, who is also a chain, that he encountered before being dragged into abyss, comes to same him. After being saved, the girl introduces herself as Alice, and says that B-rabbit is just a nickname that she was given by others. Oz asks why he was attacked by her the first time they met, and Alice says that the first time she remembers meeting him was when she saved him from the hooded people back in his world. Oz gets distracted by cookies that he finds and begins to nibble on them. Alice asks him why he’s so calm after everything that happened, he replies that his uncle told him it’s better to be calm in those kind of situations.

The girl then asks him to form a contract with her, so that she can get out of Abyss with her. This is where a voice calls out Oz’s name and he vanishes. It turns out to be Sharon, the girl that he took a liking to at his coming of age ceremony, who teleported him away and she says that she came to save him. The girl begins saying bad things about Alice, and for some strange reason, Oz is defending he. It comes to a point where Sharon mentions Alice’s name, when Oz is apparently the only one that knows her name. It turs out to be another chain that is disguised as Sharon. Alice gets eaten by this chain and Oz gets mad, attacking the chain and also getting swallowed. Oz finds Alice and forms the contract with her. A huge as explosion happens and kills the chain that swallowed them, and Alice kisses Oz to seal the contact. She then moves and possesses him, opening a way out of abyss. The episode ends with Sharon Break and a man in black, getting ready to save Oz, when he appears in front of them. They say that the key they needed has appeared, even if he might be the fallen angel that will destroy everyone.


This episode was really short in my opinion. It felt like I was watching it for 5 minutes or something. In any case, this episode was a lot better than the other 2 previous ones were. The music again was a noticeable feature which interested me. It looks like XEBEC does do a good job at times. They definitely chose the right people to handle the music. Anyways, the characters are developing well and  definitely will be sticking around to find out what happens next

~ by shinryou on April 19, 2009.

One Response to “Pandora Hearts – Episode 3”

  1. i agree! it’s the best episode ever! (at least the episode that makes everyone understnad everything better… >.<)

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