Pandora Hearts – Episode 5

ph 5-1

ph 5-2

ph 5-3

ph 5-4

ph 5-5


Oz and Alice decided to work for Break and the others after a long talk. Raven accompanies them to the town where their assignment is to hunt down a rouge illegal contractor. In town Alice is fascinated by the thing in town that she has never seen before. She gets separated from them and then Raven goes to look for her. While separated, Oz ends up helping a girl selling flowers.  Raven, Alice and Oz end up eating and then getting a room at some hotel. Raven mentions that there is an insignia on the chest of illegal contractors in the shape of a clock. and when the clocks hand does one revolution, the person gets trapped in abyss forever. Once Alice has fallen asleep (too cute!!) Raven goes and looks around for the chain. Turns out the flower girl from before was the culprit, and that the chain she has a contract with is after Alice. One awesome fight scene later, the girl reveals that her insignia is already at the time limit. They watch her get dragged into abyss, and break tells Sharon that he gave them an assignment so that Oz can understand the reality of the situation. The episode ends with someone (who sound like the guy that took control of Gil in Episode 2) finding out that Oz has returned.


This episode was decently done. I also have to say that I’m adding Alice to my list on anime girls I find unbelievable cute. So many cute moments. In any case I’m still not finding this anime as interesting as I thought. My mind might change after the plot speeds up a bit, but there’s far too much technobabble at the moment. This anime is still extremely impressive, and in my opinion the animation quality is a lot better than something that I expected from XEBEC.

~ by shinryou on May 7, 2009.

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