K-ON! – Episode 3

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Yui is practicing guitar in the clubroom and remarks that the guitar strings are scary because it looks like it could cut your finger. Ritsu agrees, and Mio screams because she hates that kind of stuff. Yui assures Mio that her fingers are no cut, Mio then calms down and says that your finger will become tougher and will not cut easily after practicing for a while. She asks Yui is she wants to touch her fingers to see. Yui thinks Mio’s fingers are squishy…

Yui it seems has been practicing her guitar a lot lately. It’s good right… only, she forgot about the test and ended up failing it. She then tells the others that she may be banned from club activities if she doesn’t pass the make-up exam. Mio then sees that if Yui is banned, then the club won’t have enough members and the club will probably be forced to disband. The encourage Yui to study. Once Yui studies she loses interest and time and time again we see her going to practice guitar instead. Before she knows it, it comes to the night before the testand begs Mio to teach her what she needs to know. So the light music club decides to go and elp Yui study. They hear that Yui has a younger sister and that evokes imaginations of how immature ui’s little sister is. However, upon rrive there, they see that Yui’s sister is a lot more mature than Yui is.

It finally comes to the studying and Ritsu is proving to only be a distraction, so Mio sends her out of the room. With Tsumugi’s cake and a visit from Nodoka, Yui ends up learning a lot or Mio, and by the end of the night. Yui ends up at the club room after the tests and she ended up being shocked because she aced the test. Anyways, congratulations, hey Yui why don’t you show us some of the guitar you were practicing? Oh! She forgot, because of the algebra… eh, no, an x and y chord don’t exist.

k-on 3 PV

Well this episode had a lot going for it. there were many Yui and Ritsu moments throughout the episode. I guess it’s only fair after the many Mio moments in the previous episode. Although, I thought that the part before the OP was extremely enjoyable. Well, still no negative things about this show from me, in fact I like it to the point that I’d rather get a 26 EP long season then get to see Haruhi 2 (… no Haruhi fanboys heard me say that btw…). Unfortunately that seems unlikely. Though fom the popularity of the series, and the fact that it doesn’t look like it will over a lot of the manga, I think this has a good sot at getting a second season… which would be something that I’d really be hoping for. Next episode will be interesting, and it’s probably where the shot at the beach in the P comes from. Well, whatever happens with this show, I think I’ll keep watching. I am looking forward to any insert sons we may see in the near future.

~ by shinryou on April 18, 2009.

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