Pandora Hearts – Music Box Theme

I guess I did find the time to do this. This is a very simple song and I’ve done an extremely simple arrangement. The recording was a bit rushed because I wasn’t sure how long the quietness of my house would last today, hence all the mistakes in the recording. In any case please enjoy and remember, if you want me to do anything anime on the piano, please request and it may be found as sheet music on this site.

~ by shinryou on April 13, 2009.

12 Responses to “Pandora Hearts – Music Box Theme”

  1. okay… you’re so cool! ❤ you play very nicely!!! i’m requesting a scoresheet from you! =3 i tried a short 10 second, and it already sounded really wrong… so… PLEASE!~ and thanks in advance! =3

  2. can i have the sheet music for this? you basically are my hero.

  3. hey guys~
    dose anybody knows what is the name of this song?
    I’m looking 4 it anyway~
    so please tell me if u know..Thx

  4. I would like to get the music score=3

  5. I don’t see the link to download the sheet music 😦

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