Pandora Hearts – Episode 2

pandora 2

ph 2-2

ph 2-3


The episode begins with a shot of girl floating in a strange dimension. After that shot, we’re back with Oz who is getting ready for his coming of age ceremony. His little sister Ada, and Uncle Oscar both greet him and bring him to a room full of flowers that were given by the Reinsworth family. The granddaughter of the family head, Sharon, is there, and Oz falls instantly in love with her. After introductions, he find out that she will not be attending the ceremony. Oz is therefore shattered after hearing this. She then tells him to remember that there will be people there to support him. She leaves telling “Break” a man who accompanied her to come with her. In their carriage, Break remarks that Oz matches the kind of guys Sharon likes. She then says that people of Oz’s family are fated to come to their families side. She also says the Break will probable be the one to interact with him the most.

As Sharon leaves the party, a group of hooded people are hiding around the mansion grounds. Oz is now about to enter the ceremony, his little sister, who can’t join the party wishes her brother luck. Walking in tot he building and fulfilling his duty i the ceremony, he is glad to see Gil is there. When he recites his vow in front of the clock of tranquility, it rings, causing time to stop. The hooded people are convinced that this matches what a certain prophesy states and they surround him. This is where Gil, who is being controlled by someone, grabs OZ and stabs him, allowing the blood to drop and form a rune on the ground. The same girl from the start then appears as the “Bea Rabbit” and states the Oz is her possession. After an excellent fight scene with nice background music, the hooded people are defeated and Gil is back in control of himself. The Bea Rabbit allows the hooded people to live, because she knows that they want to send Oz to Abyss, which is what she wanted in the first place. Gil begs one of the hooded men to let Oz go, and says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. This is where Oz grabs a sword to attack the man, and Gil who seems to recognize the man, jumps out to defend him. Oz is shocked having slashed Gil’s chest, and the Bea Rabbit, fades away, saying that she’s found her clue and that she will await Oz’s arrival. The episode ends with the scene at the start of episode 1, and then Oz is dragged down into abyss. After this Sharon and Break are shown in the building that Oz had the ceremony, with a man dressed in black with a black hat. They talk about a job that “the organization” doesn’t know about.

ph 2 PV

This episode was well done. The best scene was the fight scene in my opinion, the music tied in well with the scene. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but, the music is definitely the strongest point that this anime has going for it. In my opinion the anime is moving at the slower rate than the manga did but, it’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. The anime hasn’t had any part that was TOO boring to watch, and the animation quality was a lot better than what I was expecting XEBEC was going to be able to do. I’m so far satisfied with this anime and how it’s going and I am looking forward to seeing Alice in the next episode.

~ by shinryou on April 13, 2009.

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