Hayate no Gotoku 2nd Season – Episode 1

hayate op1

hayate op2
hayate op3

OP: Wonderwind (ELISA)


hayate 1-1

hayate 1-3

hayate 1-4

hayate 1-5

hayate 1-6

The episode starts with an intro by the narrator into the lives of Hayate and Nagi. After the reintroduction into the series Hayate finds out that there is an athlelic meet. Nagi immediately declares this date a holiday in an obvious ploy to escape this. Hayate encourages Nagi to just try to train for the meet. Nagi agrees since Hayate asked her. Down at some random sports stadium area, Nagi tries to train while with her other friends, but only manages to make 50 meters before collapesing, declaring it impossible. Wataru and the others tell Hayate the Nagi’s hate for exercise is worse than normal people, at the they expected no more than 3 meters from her. That is when the chief butler Klaus appears and declares that Hayate is not a capable butler because he can get Nagi to go to the meet. Nagi then makes a bet with Klaus that if she wins then Hayate is a capable butler but if she loses then Hayate will get fired. Nagi is not worried and declares that as long as “she” doesn’t run in the same event as her, she can probably win.

“She” turns out to be Hinagiku, the student council president. She says that she’s entering all events but tells Hayate about an event called the freestyle event. A lap around the school using any method. So Nagi and Hayate enter the pair event and run through avoiding the many obstacles that they meet with. They eventually meet Hinagiku who challenges Hayate in an effort to slow them down and get ahead. Hayate gets Nagi to run ahead to win the race for him. Hayate then lures Hinagiku out on a suspension bridge, and because of her fear of heights, she is unable to move.

Nagi then approaches the finishing line but is just barely beaten by her teacher, Hinagik’s teacher, who entered to get money to buy alcohol with.

hayate ed1

hayate ed2

hayate ed3

hayate ed4

ED: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! (Shizuka Itou)

I really enjoyed the first season of Hayate and am excited to see that the second season is already out. I kind of put off watching this for a while so my post is a little behind. Firstly, I really enjoyed the OP and ED this time around, I was wondering if is would be able to be as good as the 2nd OP of season 1, since it was extremely popular, but I really enjoyed both. The ED I enjoyed particularly because Hinagiku was always my favorite out of the girls in this anime.

In any case, J.C. Staff did a great job reintroducing all the characters in this episode. I really can’t wait to see the next episode since it’s only a matter of time before we see Hayate’s ultimate move animated!

~ by shinryou on April 13, 2009.

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