K-ON! – Episode 2

k-on 2-1

k-on 2-2

k-on 2-3


We begin the episode with Yui contemplating the fact that she hasn’t done anything with school life, something we already learned in the previous episode. Then when she enters the room we get a nice as intro of all the K-ON member. Speaking of which, I’d like to add how they spiced it up in comparison to the manga version. Obviously anime has got the advantage being able to use music, in a music centered anime.

So uh yeah, didn’t Yui say she was going to buy a guitar. How much are instruments these days. Nah, I don’t think 5000 yen is going to cut it. Mio reakons 50000 at the very least. And maybe over 100000 yen for a good quality one. They all decide to meet up and help her choose one. Of course, with Yui in their group, a lot of distractions make them forget that they were supposed to go to the music store. When there, we see Yui’s future guitar (which can be assumed by the one she had in the OP) which is 250000 yen. That’s, a lot I think. I don’t think I know many who would use that much to buy something like an instrument. Maybe on other brand name stuff but not an instrument. Not in high school anyway. So they go job hunting, something that many people I know dread. And some how they get a job counting cars (awesome job in my opinion…. easy anyways…) After more moe action, they get paid, and Yui decided that she can get the money on her own, and gives everyone what they earned themselves.

Returning to the shop, we find out that Mugi’s family actually owned the store so she haggles the price dow to 50000 yen which was what Yui could afford (tell us earlier!!!). Yui’s attachment to things prevents her from playing the instrument, and she instead treats it like some sort of display item in her room… but I don’t think most of us would sleep with our display items. Anyways, Yui still can’t play by the end of this episode. Though what she can play was kinda funny (since I’ve heard it before… with new guitar players.)

k-on 2 PV

Well, K-ON continues to impress me. Usually when I watch anime, I need at least 5-10 episode to convice me that the anime is worth watching. After first episode I was conviced, and after the second it takes it’s place in my favorite anime list. What can I say, I just love Moe centric anime. Speaking of which, Mio’s large fanbase would probably love this episode, so many Mio moments to enjoy. This is probably KyoAni’s intention, as Mio is lead singer in the ED, and she gets so many scenes in this episode.

I happen to know that there are many people who hate this with a passion. Some people hate this kind of show, but it’s not like there an anime that could please the whole anime market. This is for fans of those cute slice of life style anime. If you want fan service watch Queen of Blades, if you want action, watch Full Metal Alchemist. But to all those who judge this show without giving it a go, just give it a chance, it’s a great show.

Anyways, the exam episode is next. After reading the manga I’m a little excited for this one, they added a lot of funny extra non-manga bits in this ep, but it all work out great. If they pull that off with the next ep, I’ll be completely sold on this anime. Anyways, I’m 100% sure going to keep watching… and also sure that I’m going to buy what every K-ON! merchandise is going to come out XD


~ by shinryou on April 11, 2009.

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