Pandora Hearts – Episode 1

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It’s a dark and stormy night, and somewhere in some mansion, a boy named Oz Bezarius is being held by 2 robed man, who tell him that his crime is his very existence. Following this, the town is then engulfed in a dark light  (contradiction, but it is!) that destroys the surrounding area.

Following that scene, the maids at certain mansion are looking for Oz Bezarius, in fact it is time for him to try on the uniform for his ceremony later on. The boy “Gilbert” who appears to be Oz’s personal servant is asked and threatened to tell them the location of Oz. Threated by a cat which happens to be his worst fear, Gil then tells them that he is with his little sister at the lake. Oz then comes out of the closet in that room and thanks Gil for helping them out. They all then proceed to another building, where the so called ‘tranquil clock” resides. While there a voice calls out, explaining the clocks importance, turns out they are all caught out by Oz’s uncle Oscar. Oscar decides that he’ll allow the 3 to play a little while longer under the condition that Oz doesn’t mess up the ritual. He stall the maid Mrs. Kate for them but warns Oz that if he messes up the ceremony he will “call the chains of the abyss” on him.

The three then go to a place that Oz has discovered earlier that day. Oz’s sister Ada asks what abyss is and he explains that it is “a prison for bad people.” Oz then gives clothing that Oscar gave him before to Gil telling him to be a part of the ceremony. Gil refuses and insists that he is not worthy of it. This is when Oz hears the sound of a music box. They follow te sound to a grave with a golden pocket watch hanging off of it. Entranced by the watches song, Oz reaches out and grabs it. While looking at it he find him self in a different place, with many dolls around the room. The dolls exclaim that he has returned, which is strange because Oz had never been there before. That is when a girl comes out and tells him that he’s always there for her. The conversation takes a turn and she threatens to kill him, but not before making him experience all the pain that she felt. After this, he is brought back to reality where Gil is calling his name. Oz shakes what had just happens and strongly insists that Gil be a part of the ceremony.

When preparing for the ceremony, Oz says he could feel that the “dream” did actually happen, and his neck shows the mark that the girl had left on him when choking him in the dream. Gil contemplates what to do, that’s when a hooded man comes up behind him. While the people roll in for the ceremony, Oz feels as though something ominous is about to happen. Gil’s body appears to ave been taken over, and a group of hooded men surround the mansion. The episode ends witha shot of a girl, floating in nothingness by herself.

ED: Maze (Savage Genius)




Here is a series that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. I read as much manga as I could find on the net of this and I have to say, this series will be excellent. At least I thought that until I thought tat until I saw that XEBEC would be animating this. Unfortunately, XEBEC has ruined the anime of 2 other manga that I enjoyed quite bit, and they were “Negima!” and “To-Love-Ru”. However, after seeing the first episode, I think this one could turn out alright. The story is quite good, and although I thought that the opening sequence could have been better, it’s actually appropriate for this series. The ending was excellent. the music for this series is definitely it’s strong point, with an amazing OST I don’t think I’ll be able to go on, not transcribing the music.

This is definitely a series that I’ll be watching a blogging this season, and I look forward to what XEBEC will do this time. Speaking of which, it looks like alice is finally going to fight next episode. I WA hoping that we’d get to see t this episode but I guess i gotta wait.

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