K-ON! – Episode 1

OP: Cagayaki! GIRLS (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako)



K-ON 1-1K-ON 1-2K-ON 1-3K-ON 1-4K-ON 1-5K-ON 1-6

Ah, Yui wakes up and… she’s late for school!! So to make up for the lost time she bolts out the door wit a piece of toast in her mouth. Her first day as a high schooler and she’s late, or so she thinks, because she forgot to set her clock properly. And hour early, stress for nothing must suck. From this we can already see the Yui’s a clumsy girl. Love character’s with this personality. After the ceremony we see Yui being bombarded with several clubs recruiting members. It seems that she is indecisive in regards of what club to join.

Meanwhile, a girl named Ritsu asks her friend Mio to go with her to check out the light music club. Upon finding out that Mio has already filled out an application for another club, Ritsu tears it in half. Too bad for the both of them that the K-ON club is going to be disbanded because of the fact that there are no longer any members left. Mio hopes this is good enough a reason for her to go join the literacy club like she planned, but Ritsu likes the sound of being the club president. Ritsu plans to wait in the club room for members to come join. A girl by the name of Tsumugi stumbles in, apparently hoping to join the choir club. She is instead drafted into the K-ON club after Ritsu’s pressuring and a heart warming flashback into Ritsu and Mio’s lives. I fabricated one according to Mio.

3 members found and one left to be found, the K-ON three meet at a fast food restaurant to discuss their recruiting strategies. After much discussing (or lack of) the three post an ad (above that of another clubs i believe) on the school bulletin board. Of course, this catches the eye of Yui who thinks of joining thinking that the “light” music club meant that she didn’t have to do much.

Upon getting to the clubroom, her imagination runs wild, imagining how scary a reaction from the club members would be upon finding out she doesn’t play guitar. After a long scene of misunderstanding, Yui manages to tell them that she can’t play an instrument. he other club members refuse to let her go and try to win her over because they need 4 members to stay alive. This leads to a performance of the three which moves Yui, despite the fact that she admits that it was a crappy performance, and convinces her to join the club.

And the K-ON begins!

ED: Don’t say “lazy” (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako)


This is the newest of KyoAni’s animations, and I have to say, I AM impressed. The art style is similar to both Lucky Star and Haruhi which in my opinion was an art style I favoured. As well as this the animation was great, the facial expressions and movement and shhaoe of the mouth was impressive. Of course, we have seen this time and time again in KyoAni’s work. The music in this anime was thoroughly enjoyed by me, I still got the OP stuck in my head, and I hope to be able to arrange some of the music from this anime in future (If you got a request comment below). Out of our main cast I thought that the clumsy Yui was entertaining to watch, however I think I liked what I saw of Mio so far.


It looks like next time they’ll be shopping for a guitar for Yui. Ha, looks lke more of Yui’s antics are to be enjoyed next week. I’ll definately be sticking around to see how this series goes

~ by shinryou on April 4, 2009.

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