Toradora! Season Impression


So Toradora has finally finished. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been watching this anime for half a year, for me the series progressed as a good pace and the character development overall was good. However, for a an anime that went quite well, it was fairly predictable. The ending that I predicted was pretty much the way it ended. Despite this fact, the season was still very entertaining. There were many good themes worked into the story which I quite liked (ones the stood out were Ami’s “family” illustration as well as Minori’s conversations about seeing and not seeing “ghosts”). Overall this season was extremely good and kudos go to the author of the novel Takemiya Yuyuko as well as J.C.Staff for producing such an entertaining series in anime form. I would definately recommend people to watch this if they had the time.

~ by shinryou on April 3, 2009.

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